For help contact : 072 248 5922
For help contact : 072 248 5922


Mohfit subscription box is the retail department of Mohfit warriors.

A  Family initiative to supply exciting boxed content to our customers. From once off purchases to a 3 month subscription we have them covered. We have wellness, pampering and even creativity boxes planned. From books to awesome tasing teas and even a feel good box to help you feel special.

The box ranges are being planned and we try to launch at least one new box a month.

Mohfit warriors was started by 2 strangers that decided we need a platform that is save for everyone to get support on health and fitness and where people can go and ask questions or brag or rant and rave with our being judged or brainwashed.

Over the years my parent admin (i do not have permission to give her credit) has moved on with being awesome in her own adventures, and I wanted Mohfit warriors to become a house hold brand. More on Mohfit Warriors can be read Here

Because we work MIND, BODY and SOUL at the same time the dream of the subscription boxes was born.

MOM and 3 daughters wanted to spoil the world with goodies that target certain areas of your life that we either neglect or just don’t have the “time” for or the money.

We aim to keep our prices low and quality high.

Now lets meat the core team.

Chantell ryksen Mohfit Subscription box

MOM – Chantell Ryksen

Chantell has a passion to help people get to their level 10. being overweight most of her life and knowing the struggles and being on diets and products. she came to a stage of her life where she knows now YOU CAN NOT DO IT ALONE and that you have to work mind body and soul together. She vowed to be a pillar for others to walk the journey with them. She also has a Fundraiser page to help get the income to be able to go study in the field and step up  and be able to help even more people. The journey never ends Chantell is responsible for the wellness and pamper boxes, and shares the rest with the girls


Achathan mohfit box

Oldest Daughter – Achathan Ryksen

Acha is a lady full of potential is currently home schooling. She has a very soft place for people who struggle and has this way of working with special people.  Acha is responsible for the education boxes as she is raising money for her university studies and A level exams.

Acha is also responsible for the articles that will be placed on Mohfit box and Mohfit.

Jaylyn Mohfit box

Second oldest Daughter – Jaylyn Ryksen

Jaylyn has a passion for fitness and  loves dancing. She is also Homeschooling but haven’t decided what route she wants do go in. Jaylyn is responsible for  researching our creative boxes.  and is more involved in the Mohfit warriors and Valhalla 24fit club as an instructor. She has the passion that so many lack and her energy just rubs off on others.




Charley mohfit box

The youngest Daughter – Charley Ryksen

Charley is still very young but wanted to be part of the business. her dream is to spoil girls her age with a monthly girly box. Her words are “Mommy a box that girls can be surprised every month with things that make my heart beat faster”  Charley is also Homeschooling ad being able to be part of the business gives her a sense of how the world works. (We are making this a learning experience for her )



What does Mohfit stand for.

Motivation – To be a pillar for our clients and followers to start on their journey or to just keep pushing through with what ever part of their life journey they are on. to encourage and help where ever we can.

Health – To educate and reprogram Mind body and soul. Tour life does not only consist of one aspect but so manny little things and we tend to only think of health as eating right and being healthy. we believe in balance. Yes medical health as well as mental health and feeding your soul is all part of being healthy and happy.

Fitness – 80% nutrition 20% active and 100% attitude.